Kennon McArthur Performance Training and Coaching

For more than 20 years Kennon has been coaching and training athletes.  His expertise in baseball and holistic program design allows him to offer a baseball performance package that's second to none.  Additionally, he works with clients of all backgrounds and has extensive knowledge in golf performance, basketball and volleyball training, arthritis coaching and more.  

"So, whether you want to look better, feel better, or perform better, I can help.  Competitive sports clients will gain knowledge, athleticism, skill, confidence and savvy.  While my personal training clients can expect to elevate their level of vitality and self confidence in such a way that they may have thought would never return." - KM

Goals and Plans 

These programs are goal oriented, and results driven.  We'll work together to establish a baseline of health or ability and meet you where you are.  From there we'll reinforce good habits, work to eliminate the bad, and continually move toward optimal performance or pain free living.  Check out my services below.   

Services Offered 

Baseball Coaching, Training and Consulting - 

Kennon offers a full range of baseball services, including a comprehensive coaching plan, live virtual lessons, mental performance training, catcher programs, hitting programs, and more. As a former professional catcher, he was able to experience the game from a unique perspective and take in lots of high-quality information.  For more than 20 years he has been offering services to players of all ages, but his reach has been limited to where he could physically be.  Now, these online programs offer players from around the world to benefit from someone who's spent his life dedicated to the game.  

Athletic Performance and Holistic Wellness -

In addition to his playing career, Kennon has spent years training, rehabilitating, and working to optimize his own health.  His experience with injury, recovery, physiological load assessment, and more, allows him to create and design some of the most comprehensive and effective performance training programs on the market today.  Additionally, Kennon deals holistically with his psoriatic arthritis and has learned some amazing strategies for when it comes to reducing inflammation.

PTEnhance Software

PTEnhance personal training software is an amazing tool.  You will receive access to comprehensive training programs, instructional videos, ability to track your sessions and progress, tips, reminders and more.  It's like having a private personal trainer on call 24/7.  

All clients will receive a personal login with your own secure page on my website available for you to view at any time.  You and I will be able to view and track your progress and make appropriate adjustments along the way.