Online Baseball Coaching 

Premier Player Membership:  $39 per month (minimum 1 year commitment)

If you’re serious about becoming the best player you can be!  Here’s what’s included:

All Baseball Resources

Videos, Trainings, Weekly Zoom Calls, Email Support, Discounted Instruction, etc.

All Performance Training Resources 

Assessments, Program Design, Nutrition, Weekly Zoom Calls, Email Support, etc.

Catchers Performance and Leadership:  $23 per month 

For those who want to truly understand the art and science of the most important position on the field.  Including the nuances that are some of the key components to enhancing your game.  Here’s what you get.

Access to All Videos and Resources on Catching, Weekly Zoom Calls, and More. 

Clutch and Consistent Hitting:  $23 per month 

Hitting at its most basic level, all the way to the top.  How to develop your swing and approach from your own base of athleticism.  This membership includes the physical, mental and emotional art/science to hitting. 

Access to All Videos and Resources on Hitting, Weekly Zoom Calls, and More.

Performance Pitching at Every Level:  $23 per month

From developing your own athletic style and delivery through athletic fundamentals, to preparation, pitch sequencing, emotional reactions, and so much more.

This Program Includes:  

Access to All Videos and Resources on Pitching, Weekly Zoom Calls, and More.

All Baseball Memberships Come with the Following: 

·         Fielding Fundamentals, Defensive Strategies and More

·         Fundamentals That Play for Long Term Success

·         Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage

·         Mental Performance for Competition and Life

·         Things Everyone Should Know About the Game

·         Recruiting Guidance for High School and College Athletes:

Virtual Lessons and Instruction:  Premier Members Receive 20% Discount

Private Virtual Lessons ($55 per session or $300 for 6)   

Coach, Team, League, Group Consulting ($140 / hour)   

Video Analysis ($25 each)